Rock & Roll Circus was kicked off by Paul Cairns in late 2010 with a mission to highlight some terrific local bands and bring them to a wider audience. On a Saturday morning in March 2011 he was invited to join Chris Phillips at BRFM Radio to look around the studio and to see how the broadcasts were run while promoting events and playing tunes from the bands that were performing there. This was very successful and continued monthly for a short period.

A turning point came in June 2011 when, unfortunately, there was a fire at the local school. This prompted us to organise a fundraiser for the playgroup who, although were part of the school, were not covered by the school’s insurance. This was a huge success and helped the school out immensely. Soon after Paul was persuaded, by Paul Divers from Tafijah Allstars, to start a Facebook page to publicise the numerous events we were now organising.

We continued like this, with the help of some great people, for a couple of years. Paul then briefly returned to BRFM with Two Bucks and in January 2014 was asked to do a Friday night show covering all genres at BRFM. So, after talking to Two Bucks and his wife, Rock & Roll Circus began a two hour Friday night radio show presented by Paul Cairns and Rachel Blanchard. March saw young Ceri Davies pop up to see how things ran and that was the start of a great friendship and a lot more hard work.

With the radio show going from strength to strength, Ceri began a more commanding roll alongside Paul, bringing his own show to the Friday night schedule. With Rachel stepping down at the end of 2014, Ceri and Paul ran alternate weekly shows at BRFM and introduced Dollfest and the Xmas bash event to the masses at The Dolls House, Abertillery. We have also run numerous charity fund raisers, making the Rock & Roll Circus Events brand a well known name on the music scene throughout the UK.

The show was soon extended to three hours from 6pm to 9pm every Friday night. Simeon Dight joined us with his reviews and, what with all the events, things were rather hectic sorting out playlists, organizing events and a 90 mile commute every Friday night for the radio show. With this, Andrew and Chris joined the team, bringing their own unique style to the Friday night slot, filling in for the occasional show and relieving some of the pressure of running the weekly schedule.

Andrew and Chris departed in late 2015 and young Neville Brookes joined Ceri and Paul, bringing us our current line up of DJ’s at the Rock & Roll Circus Radio Show. Sean King is the newest member of the team and has kindly taken up some of the reviewing for us due to the current high demand of artists approaching us.

So after a while we began toying with the idea of publishing our podcasts from our own website. In summer 2018 we approached a few people to start putting the technical pieces together for our new home at

We thank you for your support and hope you enjoy what we do. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram and do contact us with any of your comments or suggestions.

The Rock & Roll Circus crew