Ceri's Rock & Metal Events/Grumpy Clown Events 10th Anniversary Party.

April 2024 will mark ten years since I had the mad idea of putting on a show around my birthday time. I think we’ve had some decent shows over the years. So it would be a shame not to celebrate a decade of putting on shows to showcase up and coming bands.

Over the years I’ve been lucky to have the likes of Attica Rage, Massive Wagons, Texas Flood, Florence Black, Hell's Gazelles, Confess, Knock Out Kaine, Kane’d, Those Damn Crows, In Search Of Sun, Crowsaw, Lifer, Black Water Chemistry, Ryders Creed, South Of Salem, King Kraken, The Hot One Two and Casey Maunder, play at these April Events.

The first band I booked back in 2014 was Fahran. So they were the first band I had to ask to be involved to celebrate 10 years of Ceri's Rock & Metal Events/Grumpy Clown Events.

I’m pleased to say they have agreed to join us at The Patriot Home Of Rock on 13th April, as part of their 2024 UK tour to promote their upcoming album.

Joining them will be my friends The Heretic Order.

The Heretic Order are a classic metal band for the modern age. Formed in London in 2014 by Breed 77 guitarist Danny Felice, aka The Lord Ragnar, they are inspired by tales of horror both fictional and factual, pagan and occult philosophies, and a love for bands such as Sabbath, Priest, King Diamond and Mercyful Fate. They have built a dedicated following of their own in busy UK and European metal scenes thanks to two critically acclaimed albums and consistently high quality live performances, where they enhance their chilling stories with dark theatrics, searing riffs, pounding rhythms, and blistering solos.

All the from Scotland, my good friend Jason Sweeney will be bringing his great new band Victory Or Die down to South Wales for the first time to join the party.

Opening up the show will be Edit The Tide, a new Alt/Rock outfit from South Wales.

Tickets are on sale now and as always at a bargain £8.00. (It will cost more on the day)

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