Six Sins Till Sunday unleased their new Five Track EP 'Unmasked' on the 6th January 2020.

Recorded by Doc The PMC Plymouth and Mastered by Joe Graves at Innersound Studios, we wanted to create an EP that had a bit of variety from our influences. There's a bit of Stoner, bit of Doom and some straight up Metal in there too. 

Road to Redemption is the forerunner or 'single' on the EP, we are really pleased with this track, feedback is that its a real earworm and people have said they notice themselves whistling it to themselves. 

Book of Lies has the Stoner and Doom influenced pulsating through it, keeping the riffs big and dirty. 

Sold Your Soul is one that we have just introduced into our sets live and has been really well received 

Me Myself & Me was a track that has been with us since the beginning, we've never really recorded it properly, only as part of an early demo, and it's always stayed strong enough to stay in our set list 7 years on so we thought it deserved to be laid down properly. 

Bring Out Your Dead is a track that we covered from Chris and Neil's old band that we wrote it well over a decade ago (The Southpaw Jinx) and with Pete Day on guitar and Chris taking the vocals it really breathed new life into a track that we always loved. 

The running order on the EP is... 

Road to Redemption 
Book of Lies
Sold your Soul 
Me Myself and Me 
Bring out your Dead 

Its currently available for purchase from bandcamp either digital (available straight away) or on preorder for a CD (which should arrive in about a weeks time and then be dispatched) if they purchase a CD then they get the digital copy straight away also. 

Link to Bandcamp

We have a tour starting the middle of January across the UK with gigs from St Austell to Leeds and in between and joining Chris Newman (Vocals) Pete Day (Guitar) Neil Harwood (drums) and Andy Fleming (bass) will be our new 2nd guitarist Steve Tapper who we have been jamming with for a few months and made his debut with us at the end of 2019.

Links to Six Sins Till Sunday :-

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Six Sins Till Sunday Masks 2020 UK Tour.

More dates to be added soon!!