Not much to say about The Rock & Roll Circus Events this year unfortunately. With us only putting on the Trailblaizer Event for Call Of The Wild Festival back in February at The Dolls House Wales. Call Of The Wild was one the Festivals lined up for 2020 that had to be cancelled due the UK Lockdown. But in 2021 they will be back with an even stronger line -up. If you haven't got your ticket yet, here's the "LINK".

We had to cancel our three main events of the year. The South Wales Dementia Festival in April was the first to be cancelled due to the Welsh Lockdown, then followed the cancellation of Dollfest 7 in September. They say things come in three's, we then had to cancel our main event of the year, our annual Xmas Bash in December. The biggest regret is not being able to donate the couple of thousand pounds we usually raise at these events for the Stepping Stones Appeal, Velindre Cancer Centre in Cardiff. 

We are uncertain what holds for The Rock & Roll Circus Events in 2021, but I'm pleased to say all the bands that were due to play at the Xmas Bash in 2020 have all agreed to play this year. No date is confirmed yet, but I will keep you up to date on that. We have been approached to get involved in some great tours this year, we will have to see how that pans out.

With all the spare time on my hands this year, I've managed to finish our extension on the house. I've also had time to build The Grumpy Clown  (My hideaway from the world), both wouldn't have been possible without the help from Mrs Grumpy Clown who is a total Legend. I've also managed to start brewing my own beer. Which surprisingly tastes nice.

I first opened up the Grumpy Clown in September, with the aim to play music videos while having a few beers and also try to help in a small way to share the great music/videos bands have produced this year. 

Thanks to all the bands and friends who have got involved and helped in sending me videos to play every Friday night and giving this Grumpy Clown something to look forward to every week. 

A massive thanks to Andy of Very Metal Art  for the new Grumpy Clown Logo and for sending over the quality videos you have made this year.

Who knows what 2021 has instore for us. But for now, cheers from this Grumpy Clown, see you all soon. Hopefully!! 

Thanks for your continued support of The Rock & Roll Circus. Stay safe out there.

If you wish join The Grumpy Clown for a bit of fun every Friday, from 6pm till 11pm UK. Feel free to click on the Grumpy Clown Link below, and send me some of your favourite music videos that you would like me to play.


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