Paul Cairns takes a look at the new EP from Duskwood.

A random email arrived in our inbox from this West Country five piece stoner band. After downloading it and giving it several listens, I was left wondering why I've not heard of these guy's before!.

The guitar work has that groovy sound that entices you straight away with really catchy riffs, and the bass is also constantly keeping you enthralled. Brilliant drum work throughout, as well as catchy lyrics with a cracking vocal range.

If you like stoner, this EP is definitely one to get your hands on!. Perfectly presented and polished, this four track EP seriously entertains!.

The only downside, is that it needs to be longer, as it's something that you can easily listen to on repeat without getting bored and leaving you wanting more, but then this is only an EP showcasing exciting things to follow.

For more information follow the "LINK"