Frontiers Music Srl announce the upcoming release of a new studio album entitled ‘Starstruck’ by intergalactic metallers Sick N' Beautiful.

The ultimate rock n' roll sideshow from outer space, the group is a unique concoction of hard rock and modern metal infused with industrial, punk and electro-pop, blending in influences from across the musical spectrum to create a sound all their own.

'Starstruck' is out on 15th July, but a first taste of the album is available from today with the release of a single and video for the song 'This Is not The End'. The group has also launched a Kickstarter campaign for a feature film they are working on, with fans able to order special bundles of 'Starstruck' enabling to participate. Full details are avialble HERE

Sick N'Beautiful state: "We are intrgalactic nomads, performing our numbers for the enjoyment of all species we meet on our travels. Rumour has it that we sometimes resort to 'questionable' means in order to make ends meet: all we can say is that life in space is never easy. We fly the BFS9000, a ship that has seen better days. A resent massive engine failure cam totally unexpectedly, and with nowhere else to go, we crash-landed on Earth, near Rome, Italy. Our ship is stuck here until we can get enough resources to fix it and resume our voyage."

Coincidentally, they have just signed with an Italian record label, adding. " We are absolutely thrilled to sign to Frontiers! They truly appreciate the 'madness' of what we do and they have left us with complete creative freedom. We trust that their experience of over 25 years in hard rock and metal will propel our eclectic spaceship farther than ever before. We also especially thank Oracle Management for their unique love and support in helping us to make all of this possible!"

Live, the group puts together a fission bomb of a show to wow audiences with tracks from their self-produced albums 'Hell Over Hell' (2015) and 'Element Of Sex' (2018). In a few months, they rose from playing tiny local bars and clubs to huge Italian festival stages but were equally at home wherever they performed. Extreme visuals, make-up and costumes, along with bombshell singer Herma, keep audience involved and glued to the stage for shows that are one of a kind.

All the visuals in the world won't work if inventive, intriguing, catchy music isn't there, but Sick N' Beautiful add plenty of audio substance to their visual stimulation. The group produce their recordings as well as videos, outfits, props, effects and merchandise with a painstaking attention to detail. Catchy tunes along with an incendiary stage presence have helped to generate a loyal fan base which is absolutely enamoured with the storyline and the characters of the unique band.

Herma - vocals
Nemes - guitar
L0r1 - guitar
Big Daddy Ray - bass
Evey - drums

"THIS IS NOT THE END" video :-

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