Italian melodic-metallers RAVENSCRY will release their new studio album ‘100‘, on May 15th, 2020.

Ravenscry is an Italian rock band founded in 2008 by 5 members located between Milan and Rome. 

The upcoming fourth album from Ravenscry is called “100” and is going to be released on May 15. This full length album has been recorded at Timetrack Studios and Ravenstudio by Fagio (from the band itself) and Dario Ravelli of Suonovivo Recording Services. With this work the band confirmed its collaborations with Roberto Laghi for the mixing, Dragan Tanasković for the Mastering and Mario “Aégis” S. Nevado for the artwork.

With more energy, more melody and even smarter lyrics, “100” stays true to the core of Ravenscry’s sound while remaining accessible enough to hook even more new listeners. Sincere, intelligent and brutally honest — the album sums up the human experience to a tee, from epic highs to soul-crushing lows. About the songwriting this is also the first work from Ravenscry featuring the contribution of the new band member Federico Schiavoni.

On March 27 Ravenscry released “Maybe” as first single from “100”, and for the direction of the videoclip they confirmed, once again, their collaboration with Salvatore Perrone. About this song the band said: “‘Maybe’ is a sort of manifesto of the human condition. It talks about resilience, willingness and finding a way to carry on without any doubt. We hope that anyone listening to this song can find the same energy that we feel in it. ‘Maybe’ it will help somebody to find his/her inner strength.”

“Maybe” Official Video :-

"100" will be out on May 15, pre-order it now  "HERE".

Ravenscry :-
• Voice: Giulia Stefani (from Rome); 
• Guitar: Federico Schiavoni (from Milan); 
• Guitar: Mauro Paganelli (from Milan); 
• Bass: Andrea “Fagio” Fagiuoli (from Milan); 
• Drums: Simone “Simon” Carminati (from Milan).  

Ravenscry Online :