David T checks out "That's How The Cookie Crumbles" from Black Cat Biscuit which comes out on 22nd February 2019.

This outfit consists of five muso’s that hatched a plan in 2015. Since that time, they have notched some great feedback within Blues circles.

Their sound is an amalgamation of West Coast Swing, Shuffle, Jazz, Boogie & Texas Blues. Don’t be put off by this, ‘cos it is not just the usual mish-mash that can occur when people get together. It’s actually very slick and individual. But, hey ho, we’ve got to give you some indication of where it sits in the all-encompassing world of music.

The album is a bright upbeat affair, which is a pleasant change from the usual minor chord based blues efforts that usually do the rounds. BCB do a great job of being positively rooted in the past, but also supplying an unquestionably refreshing take on, “them there old school roots”.

The album sounds pretty classy. You can tell straight away that the musicians know their stuff, with strong vocal hooks, (which to me are reminiscent of Iggy Pop and in places even a bit Michael Buble), definitely, ‘slick and to the point’, rather than multi-layered and over produced. It’s a great sound!.

A highly commendable album for all the right reasons. Honest and to the point.
The six million dollar question is will you like it?. That always depends on what you like to listen to, and that bombshell simply comes flying back to you. Definitely check out a track or two. You decide whether the Biscuit ‘has some snap’, or ends up ‘soggy’ in the bottom of your tea cup…What is important is that you do check it out!.