Paul Cairns checks out "Human Complex" from Left For Red which comes out on 6th April.

These 5 piece, Groove Metal Monkey's from Dudley, formed in 2010, have certainly made their mark in the Metal world.

Human Complex start's of fairly light with catchy lyric's and guitar riff's which gives the feeling that the guy's are going for the soft approach.

Then bang!, coming at you like an express train, the vocal's hit you when you least expect it like a ton of bricks.

The ten track album is absolutely full of meaty riff's, accompanied by matching vocal's, that will have you hooked and wanting more.

The guy's have got themselves a cracker of an album here, delivering the good's all the way through from start to finish.

Having seen these guy's live, they can certainly deliver the good's just like they have on the album.

There are no album filler's and each track hit's the right spot!.

With the album being launched on Saturday at The O2 Institute Birmingham, this is promising to be one hell of an album launch.

“HUMAN COMPLEX” is a must have album and is well worth adding to your collection!.


"Human Complex" Album Launch.
Get your tickets "HERE".