Sin Theta's debut ep was released in March 2019 and recorded at Blast Recording Studios in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Sin Theta are a progressive thrash metal band based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. The band features Marc Jackson on drums from Acid Reign, M:Pire Of Evil, Fist & Atomkraft, Guy Laverick on guitars from Blitzkrieg and Chaos Asylum, Craig Elliott on bass from Dryll and Def Con One, Lundi Reez on vocals from Decrepit Monolith and Jason Macdonald on guitars.

The Rock & Roll Circus are not usually late to the party, but this one passed us by in 2019. This 4 track ep with intro, came out in March 2019 and it seems to have gone down well with the UK Media. Marc sent it over on Saturday and asked me to check it out for him. I don't normally comment on music on here. As I feel music is a personal thing, we all have our own taste in music. I downloaded the ep, got my headphones out and started to listen to the Intro. Intro's usually get your juices running, but let you down on the main course. This intro set you up for what is to come for sure. From the first 8.51 min track "Thy Bloody Kingdom, Thy Bloody Deeds", I was hooked!. This is Progressive Thrash Metal at its finest. Taking you from Thrash, to the soft instrumental track of "The Everflowing Tide", through to the heavier growling vocals in "Nefarious". This Thrash loving Clown is liking this music alot, not been this excited about the music I've listened to in a long time. Can't wait to see these guys live, this gets a 10 out of 10 from me.

Marc Jackson :-
When we recorded this EP it was important to us that we tried to keep the real feel as if we were playing the songs in a rehearsal and by that I mean really focus on tempo changes, so we captured that natural feel and sound without relying too much on pro tool's which is what we feel too many bands do now. 
We are very proud of this EP. It can go from heavy riffs to atmospheric sections with memorable melodies and really has helped us understand our own sound as a band. 

The band have also released a lyric video for the song ‘Obsolescence’ from the EP which was created by Andy Pilkington at Very Metal Art. Check it out here :-

Lundi Reez – Lead Vocals
Guy Laverick – Guitars
Jason Macdonald – Guitars
Craig Elliott – Bass, Backing Vocals
Marc Jackson – Drums, Backing Vocals

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