Terminal Rage, “Common Road” Album review.

Having seen these guys a good few times and watching them totally nail their sets, the long wait for me to get my hands on their new album, “Common Road”, has arrived!.

Ten hard hitting track's, with a few familiar unreleased tracks, that are in their live set playlist. There isn't one album filler on this album!, and the sharing of the vocals on the tracks works out really well.

The songs come straight from the heart!, no messing, no bull and straight to the point!. Tracks that everyone can relate to on a day to day basis.

The album leaves you wanting more with every track being a possible anthem for the Terminal Rage guy's.

The guys have got a little gem on their hands yet again and a great follow on from their sold out debut ep.

With fans travelling upto five hours to see them play a 40-45 min set, you just know they're something special and always giving 110% in their live performances.

The album is a must have for any collection!. The lyrics, lead guitar, bass and drums flowing nicely from track to track.

This album is hard hitting, straight to the point, hitting all the right places and is available now !!.

It's advisable to get hold of a copy ASAP!, as they won't hang around with their busy gig schedule.

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